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What is oral pathology and how does it benefit me?

Oral pathology is also known as maxillofacial pathology, which is the study and identification of diseases within the mouth. Oral pathology can be an early warning system if you show symptoms of a more serious problem.

Some signs that may require further assistance include:

  • If you have tumours or cysts on the inside of your jaw or salivary glands
  • If you have ulcers that are not healing
  • If you have BRONJ (Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw)
  • If there are red/ white lesions in the mouth
  • If there are signs of skin cancer or melanoma in the mouth

Oral pathology is beneficial as it helps prevent these conditions from worsening or turning into oral cancer.

A biopsy is required when there is a lump, lesions, or even unnatural visual quality to the skin around and within the mouth. It is done by taking either the whole affected area or a sample of the affected area.

Generally performed under a local anaesthetic, with a few stitches put in after the sample is taken. Depending on the patient this procedure does not require a full day off.

The sample is then sent off to pathology for analysis and the results will be available at your review appointment and if there is any further treatment required it will be discussed at this point.

In some cases, surgery may be required to remove a tumor or lesion in the mouth, in this circumstance we will discuss with you all options and proceed with the best course of action as agreed upon between you and your oral surgeon.

If you do show some of the above signs and symptoms we encourage you to speak to a doctor or oral specialist immediately. Your oral specialist is likely to perform an oral pathology procedure on the spot at your sonsultation to determine if you are at risk and provide you with the necessary treatment you require.


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