Oral Surgery Brisbane

Our Surgeons practice all aspects of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery In Brisbane


There are many reasons that someone may need to book an appointment with an oral surgeon.
Whether you have a mouth or tooth condition, infection or have been in an accident, oral surgery may be the best way to repair the damage to your teeth or other areas of the mouth.

Oral surgery has helped many people improve their quality of life, helping relieve pain and repair injuries to face and teeth. Oral or maxillofacial surgery is performed by a professional and medically trained surgeon that specializes in oral and dental health.
They not only perform simple operations such as tooth extractions but also a wide range of other services including oral pathology and even bone grafting and jaw operations.

For more information on Maxillary Osteotomy Surgery or for a consult please ask your GP or dentist for a referral to Faciomax and book an appointment with our friendly team on 07 3724 0319


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