Fractured Eye Socket Surgery In Brisbane

A fracture to the eye socket does not always require intervention to heal, your surgeon will advise you upon the best treatment having examined and reviewed your scans.

If surgery is required it will take place in a hospital, typically a small incision is made just below the lower eyelid, and through this, the facial surgeon repositions the fractured bone.

Often the bone is shattered and there is nothing left to support the eyeball, if so the surgeon will graft material to the site to recreate the support. In the event, this is required it will be known prior to surgery and the type of graft used will be discussed.

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Speaking To Your Doctor About Eye Socket Fractures


If you believe you have received an eye socket fracture, going to your doctor for an initial diagnosis should be your first course of action. Your Doctor or family health care provider will physically examine the eye and the surrounding bones and tissue. They may ask you about your vision or if you have difficulty moving your eye in a certain direction.

After an initial assessment, you will most likely need a CT scan on the fractured area to determine the extent of the damage. It can be quite hard to tell sometimes how badly a fracture is just by looking at the socket, our eyes have very little protection and so when they become inflamed after a heavy blow an x-ray is sometimes the only way to differentiate between significant inflammation or a fracture.

Each of the eye socket areas that can be damaged or fractured if the face receives hard hits or a blow to the face include:

  • The inferior wall
  • The zygomatic bone
  • The medial wall
  • The superior wall

In a lot of cases, the eye socket fracture will heal naturally without the need for surgery. However, in some severe cases, your doctor will determine that the fracture needs surgery and you will be referred to a maxillofacial surgeon here in Brisbane.

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