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Brisbane Orthognathic Surgery

This surgery is performed on the jaws to put them into the correct position. This will improve a person’s ability to chew and talk. Breathing may become easier for some people. Orthognathic Surgery may also improve facial appearance.

Jaw abnormalities that may be corrected with this jaw surgery include:

  • Jaws that are too large
  • Jaws that are too small
  • Jaw That is too far forward
  • A jaw that is too far back
  • Crooked Jaw
  • A significant gap between upper and lower front teeth
  • Your bite may be crooked

Causes can vary and may be present at birth, develop as you grow or be due to a disease or trauma to the face.

If you need orthognathic surgery, this is usually planned in conjunction with orthodontic treatment provided by your orthodontist/ dentist.

Your oral surgeon may recommend surgery if your jaw problem cannot be effectively treated by orthodontics alone.

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