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Fractured Lower Jaw Surgery In Brisbane

A broken lower jaw will need to be repaired under general anaesthetic. Typically the procedure will involve cutting the inside of the mouth along the gum line to access the broken bone and to place appropriate titanium plates and screws on it to keep it aligned while healing. It is important to stick to the prescribed soft food diet to ensure you do not bend or break the plate. If this happens you will need to undergo surgery again (the same goes for sports etc. where you can be injured or bumped on the face).

Sometimes there are few decayed teeth that will need removing during the operation. Also occasionally the fracture is quite complex and a skin incision will need to be made to access it fully; in this event, your jaw surgeon will discuss it with you prior to the procedure and get your agreement to proceed.

Generally, after the jaw operation, it will be quite sore for a few days, with a general pain to last for a few weeks. Pain relief and antibiotics will be prescribed, if the bone gets infected it won’t heal well.

Recovery from Fractured Lower Jaw

Normally the patient will stay in the hospital for at least one night and have a confirmation x-ray the next day before being released to ensure the jaw has stayed in place.

It is very important to follow the soft diet requirements for up to 6 weeks (the time it takes the bone to heal) or by the instructions from your facial surgeon.

Also ensure that the mouth is kept as clean as possible to prevent infection or healing issues with the internal stitches, clean where you can and use an appropriate mouthwash to help keep the cut site clean.

You will need to take some time off work, around a week is recommended.

Your oral surgeon will review you before you are released from the hospital and then you will typically have another appointment in 7-10 days.


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